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These episodes are comprised of real actionable steps, inspiring stories and memorable moments that will lead you from minimal living to a life maximized.
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Sep 24, 2019

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We have this inner power to be guided in life no matter the moment and its our will and responsibility to listen- Instinct

Aug 27, 2019

Falling victim to self sabotage, means you are in your own way.  Listen in as I share some thoughts on why we may need to address the fact that we are in our own way.


Thank you for listening - Milton

Aug 20, 2019

We are suspect to being humans and part of that super power is that we look to belong.  Part of belonging means that we seek tribes to be a part of.  Finding your tribe helps in finding your identity and in that you can offer value to those in the tribe.

Blessings Today - Milton Herring

Aug 13, 2019

Hi! My story is that I have 5 beautiful children and my oldest two are girls. I grew up with three boys and myself being the oldest. I had super high hopes of what my girls were going to become by the time they wer 18. And, I was wrong. In having my expectations not being met , I found myself bitter, frustrated and angry. It was like my bubble of expectation had been bursted, I felt aweful as if it were my fault. All I could do Is change my perspective and shift my thinking about expectations.

May 1, 2019

Bob Paskins is a speaker, trainer and consultant who looks to inspire people and companies to their full potential.  He lives in Oregon with his wife Danielle, and three boys under the age of 12.  Yes he drives a Minivan.  


For 20 years Bob worked in the financial services space as a commercial insurance broker.  His two primary goals were to increase his sales base by attracting new customers and to lead a customer service team in keeping his current clientele happy.  Bob built his business from scratch.  Along the way he gained hundreds of clients, forged relationships with key vendors and brokers, and won several sales competitions. He was promoted to sales manager and then became a principle owner in a large commercial insurance brokerage.  His customer base included distributors, wholesales, contractors, non-profits and a Bay Area company called Yahoo!


Now Bob speaks to businesses around the country using storytelling, and humor as well as providing tangible takeaways.  He also consults with companies looking to elevate their sales performance and sales processes.   He is the creator of the GROWTH MATRIX which is a comprehensive and transformative system for unlocking the full potential sales people, sales processes and sales performance

Apr 10, 2019

 Corey Sigvaldason
HOP® Nation Podcast
Keynotes and training workshops
The Gamechanger Equation™

1. Give me your favorite quote and explain why and how it helps you.
a) Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if
we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 NIV
b) “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Maya Angelou
2. Give me a moment where when looking back you let slip away and it impacted your life at
some level.
Nothing coming to mind but know I have missed my wife and children while traveling around the
world for business as I would rather have them with me. We have created the freedom to do
that now.
3. Have you ever had a time where you knew there was more for you to do in life or accomplish,
but were in a position or job or career that didn't quite line up with that, how did you maximize
that moment?
Yes. I left the organization and position and spent a few months working on moving towards
what the purpose and the calling in my life is. Doors opened up and life was much happier at
that point forward. I recently made a similar decision to shut down the accredited private college
I owned to pursue my passion and calling with my HOP work solely.
4. Do you have a story of a time that when maximizing the moment was important or meaningful
to you?
June 2008 in north India. Meeting the poorest children there while sponsoring some medical
ME and realizing they were happy despite their terrible life circumstance – in that moment we
shared together. I told the director of the mission group that was amazing and when he told me
that the sad thing is 95% of those children won’t see their 13 th birthday…I broke into tears in
front of 7 other men I met just 20 minutes before. I knew then I had to do something to change
that situation and make the world better for children, like them, and their families. My WHY is
to change the world through education and entrepreneurship. That comes from that
5. How would you define a maximizing moment?
Being present for others and making their life better while feeling fulfilled and happy myself.
6. If you could share 3 immediate action steps to take for a person to maximize a defining
moment in their life what would that be?
 Be Happy and Grateful
 Dream Big!

 Serve greatly and focus on ROI (return on impact)

7. Do you have any parting words, comments or instruction for the audience you want to share?

 Love and serve more
 Adopt a “What If” philosophy for your life
 Focus on energy and priority management, not time management.
 Ask better questions
 Rather than aspiring to be a king, be a king maker – that is where the most
opportunity for ROI (Return on Impact) lies and few play
 Focus on the Drivers and Superchargers of Performance (This is my PhD
research and what has become the foundation of the HOP Model I am known

8. How can the audience find you or what are you promoting (book, website, video etc)?
HOP® Nation Podcast
Keynotes and training workshops
The Gamechanger Equation™
Upcoming Books and Psychometrics we developed (10 Qs Questionnaire and
the HOP® Business Profile Index, HOP® Organizer, HOP® Energy & Priority
Planner, and courses and programs we run).

Apr 3, 2019

Jeffrey Chant, B.A., M.Div, M.Ed


Jeff is known as a thoughtful, engaging presenter and a compassionate coach who closes the gaps
between seemingly separate worlds with his deep understanding of both the human condition and his
strategic business focus. Drawing on his experience in pastoral psychology and education combined with
his years as an international corporate executive and consultant, Jeff encourages us to accept that we
prosper when we are both people and profit focused. In a unique way, Jeff works with organizations to
connect them to their people and purpose as much as their bottom line.
With 20 year’s experience leading, advising and coaching to a range of organizations and companies, Jeff
instills the required clarity for results and accountability as well as a culture of care and compassion.

Jeff Chant, Prosperity Architect


902.452.3920  |

Mar 27, 2019

Renee Galloway

What started out as informal coaching and consulting over 20 years ago soon grew into something bigger than she anticipated. Her proven success strategies of goal setting, time management and action plans have catapulted individuals as well as small business owners to new levels of success. Renee’s mission is crystal clear: to empower others to live their very best life, and achieve personal and professional success—one strategic initiative at a time.

Mar 15, 2019

Leader, motivator, self-starter…. Jai Bugarin, a bilingual and bicultural entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience in the digital space. His in-depth knowledge of the social media ecosystem and passion for business strategy and operations, has allowed him to build businesses, raise venture capital, lead and empower teams, develop and grow brands, produce engaging content as well as build large trusted communities across digital platforms.

At Maker Studios, his innovative ideas paved the way for the creation of Tutele, one of Youtube’s first original bilingual networks, which included some of Youtube’s most popular Latino content creators. Mr. Bugarin’s dedication and vision for Tutele led him to secure funding from YouTube’s original channel initiative in 2011. His in-depth knowledge of the digital space soon led this strategic thinker to spend his days working on streamlining and improving workflow processes across multiple departments and ultimately overseeing all video production at Maker Studios.

This experience provided him with the knowledge and skills he needed to co-found All Day Media, a next generation, multi-platform media company where Mr. Bugarin and his partners raised 2.5M in venture capital from top investors in L.A, San Francisco and New York. All Day grew a highly-engaged community of history and travel social accounts to over 35M (@earthpix and @HistoryinPics) and built a website with over 45M unique visitors per month dedicated to entertaining and educating millennials.

Jai is now focused on a new venture aimed to inspire, educate and empower Latino Entrepreneurs to launch their dream business, reach financial freedom and build a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

There are no limits to what Mr. Bugarin can do once he sets his mind to it.



Jai Bugarin is a producer and actor, known for Phoenix, Oregon, Shine (2017) and Concrete Canvas (2017). Also creator CEO and Fonder of Latinoprenuers on social media.


Acting Reel :


Mar 6, 2019

Amy Waninger:

My primary body of work is focused on Lead at Any Level LLC, where I work with organizations that want to build diverse leadership bench strength for a sustainable competitive advantage. I started the company just over a year ago, and am looking to scale up my offerings in 2019. 


I'm also on the 2019 writing team for Living Corporate, a team of consultants, engineers and students dedicated to creating audio and written digital media that spotlights the experiences and perspectives of people of color in the workplace. We engage voices that often go unheard and have our conversations out loud. Specifically, I'm building out an article series, called See It to Be It, to help young POC recognize the vast array of career possibilities available to them. As a first-generation professional myself, I know how hard it is to aspire to roles you don't even know exist!


Feb 27, 2019

Josh McLean :

Life is good today but that wasn’t always the case. Over the past decade, Josh has overcome the crippling effect of fear and a brain injury resulting from a car accident. His success proves small actions and a strong mindset can spark powerful transformation; eliminating the feeling of being drained, conflicted, confused, and hopeless.


Josh has spent 15 years in Finance & Strategy managing highly engaged teams and holding management positions across iconic brands including Nike, KinderCare Education, and Ameriprise Financial.


His recent book Catalyst: Ignite Your Spark Within To Achieve Powerful Transformation, brings his signature blend of humor, passion, candor, & poignant personal experiences directly to the lives of restless achieves looking to create a more fulfilling life.

Feb 20, 2019

Nick J. Murphy is the author of Unboxed: An Unfiltered Guide to Creating a Career on Your Terms. He's also the host of the Transform U Podcast, a NFL veteran, experienced HR Tech entrepreneur, speaker and frequent media contributor on topics related to the future of work, jobs and careers. Fox News, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal,, Yahoo!, Business Insider,, MSN and many other national outlets have featured his insights. He splits his time between Omaha, NE and Scottsdale, AZ with his wife and five children. When he's not writing, speaking or creating content, Nick can be found traveling, at the gym, or cheering on his beloved Arizona State Sun Devils.


Feb 11, 2019
Tony Miltenberger:
Pastor at Restoration Church, Centerville, Ohio
- Married to My high school sweetheart Karen (16 years in February). 3 kids; 12, 8, & 6.
- Author of Unbreakable; Forging a Marriage of Content and Delight (Abingdon, 2014).
- Masters of Divinity from United Theological Seminary.
- Coach for kids sports and avid Reds, Bengals and Buckeyes fan.
Jan 31, 2019
Christine Luken, the Financial Lifeguard, is a money coach, speaker, and the author of Manage Money Like a Boss: A Financial Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs and Money is Emotional: Prevent Your Heart from Hijacking Your Wallet.  She empowers her clients to rescue their financial dignity by creating a Prosperity Plan to decrease debt, increase savings, and direct spending to what’s really important to them. 
Having hit financial rock-bottom herself in her 20's, she never judges people for their money messes. Christine openly shares the many mistakes she made and the lessons she learned on her road back to financial health. 
Christine has a degree in Accounting and is an active member of the Financial Therapy Association.  She has over a decade of financial counseling experience, both with individuals and small business owners. Christine teaches her corporate Money Wellness classes to employees all over the country via webinar and lives in the Cincinnati area.  You can find her at 
Christine Luken, Financial Lifeguard, Speaker, Author
Jan 23, 2019

Dominick Domasky is the author of four inspirational books and the founder of the inspiration sharing platform Motivation Champs. His greatest accomplishments are his two children and he aspires to be the best husband and father he can be. He is a proud supporter of JDRF, an inspirational publisher, a motivational speaker and a successful cold-calling, door-knocking salesman.



Jan 16, 2019

You know it's what you need to do, but regardless of how you label it, it's never easy. Right?

Hi, I'm Michael and I help sales and marketing leaders make change stick so they can be the wealthiest person they know - starting from the inside out.

Jan 9, 2019

Chella Diaz 

Chella knew at a very young age she was different from the other kids. She was able
to see and feel things other kids could not. She didn’t want to stand out so she put
her gifts to sleep. She was married for 17 years and has two sons.
For over 10 years, Chella has been on her spiritual journey.
The list of certifications and programs she has completed is quite extensive but
to include a few — Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher, Starlight Energy and her most
recent which brought all her certifications together in a powerful way 7 th Dimension
Healing Energy.
Chella has been hosting Transcend Abundance workshops to empower people
master their money skills.
Chella is a vessel for 7 th Dimension Healing Energy and she meets every client where
they are and provides the tools they need to get them to where they want to go.

Nov 21, 2018

Life doesn't just happen. We literally create our lives.

Each person sees life in a very different way. We then act consistent with how we see life and life responds accordingly. This is why each person’s life is so different. This is also why each person has a different area of life that doesn’t work.

By growing in your awareness, healing, and taking specific action, you can change what happens around you. Relationships can heal, problem areas can clear up, and you can have love in every aspect of life. You can create a life that is more wonderful than you can imagine, but you have to know how.


Nov 14, 2018

Problem areas can clear up, relationships can heal,
and you can have more love than you ever thought possible.


Learn More from Bill @

Nov 7, 2018

Not being an expert on relationships, but having experience does help. I truly understand the burden and desire to build trust in relationships.  It’s not uncommon to assume some level of trust in a new relationship but sometimes that trust is misplaced or misunderstood. The question isn’t should you trust; it’s how do you build trust so your relationship can grow and thrive?

Before you can build or restore trust, you have to understand what it means to you and her. Clearly communicating your expectations and understanding what the other person needs is the foundation for building a long-lasting relationship.


Oct 31, 2018

I don’t believe I need to set this up fo you, the reason you clicked to listen to this is because you struggle or want clarity, or want confirmation to what your voice is and using it to bring fulfillment and joy to your life and others.

Oct 24, 2018

I sense that this happens to many people when just living life, it could be your purpose, it could be your marriage, your children, your health, your finances, you chose the topic.  But, what do you do?  Many people, not talking about you?! Some give up, some play the blame game, others throw in the towel, or some find the will to fight past the obstacle and refocus towards a greater goal.

Aug 21, 2018

This episode is a true case of , if you want success you need to be in alignment with yourself and others that can be your ally. for free coaching

Jun 5, 2018

We have all felt it , you have a choice to carry or let it go.  Listen In as I share my thoughts on the word.

More info:

May 15, 2018

We all desire to influence at some level.  If you are an introvert or an extrovert you will influence over 10,000 people in your life time.

Get more from Milton at

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